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Number of headstone photos


First birth

Sæmundur Hrólfsson
B. 1650,
D. 1738, Karlsá á Upsaströnd, Dalvík, Ísland
B. Upsakirkjugarði, Svarfaðardalshr., Eyjafjarðarsýslu, Ísland

The oldest person

Kristín Hallgrímsdóttir
B. 17 Oct 1892, Úlfsstaðakoti í Blönduhlíð, Akrahr., Skagafjarðarsýslu, Ísland
D. 29 Mar 1997,
B. Bægisárkirkjugarði, Glæsibæjarhr., Eyjafjarðarsýslu, Ísland
Age 104 years

About Icelandic Graves

The main objective of this website is to collect images of headstones from Icelandic cemeteries, as well as images of headstones for people of Icelandic decent from around the world.  I also collect photographs of the people who are registered in the database, as well as obituaries and any other information that might be interesting from a genealogical point of view.

If you have images from Icelandic cemeteries/headstones, photographs or obituaries of people found on this website, feel free to contact me.

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